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Katrina Walker presents Miss Dee’s Kitchen: the stage play live at the Orpheum Theater in New Orleans, on March 8, 2024!



Open to all ages: Adult material will be discussed



In the lively heart of an urban neighborhood, “Miss Dee’s Kitchen” is where comedy and drama collide. Known for her wild style, complete with a dusty housecoat, cigarette in hand, and an ever-present oxygen tank, Miss Dee is the queen of her domain. Her kitchen, buzzing with soulful tunes, becomes a magnet for a cast of eclectic characters, from the young hustlers to the old timers, each seeking a moment of escape and connection.



The play features a stellar line-up, including the smooth-talking “Pretty Tony,” played by Tony Grant, known for “Why Did I Get Married” and as the lead singer of The Temptations. “The Pimp on Foot” is always up to something in Miss Dee’s kitchen. The cast also boasts names like Nia Dorsey from Basketball Wives as “Baby Blue”, Kira J as the unabashed “Sweetbaby”, and Draper Wyston as the morally conflicted “Reverend Bucky”.



The plot thickens with Kathryn Roberts playing “Sugapie”, Miss Dee’s nosy mother, whose overreactions to the neighborhood gossip add a comedic flair; & Dizzy Clark’s character, “Crow”, adds a unique flavor, turning the kitchen into a stage where urban life’s raw truths play out.



As laughter and music fill the air, secrets start to spill, and lies unravel. Sugapie’s dramatic antics with her fake pearls underscore the unfolding drama, exposing the hidden truths of each character. “Miss Dee’s Kitchen” is more than just a play; it’s a mirror to life’s myriad shades, where joy coexists with sorrow, reality dances with fiction; where each day brings new stories, and stands as a testament to the power of community, humor, and resilience. It’s a story that not only entertains but also captivates the heart with its authenticity, humor, and the undeniable truth that every character, no matter how flawed, seeks a place to belong, to be understood, and ultimately, to be loved. Miss Dee’s Kitchen, in all its humble glory, becomes a stage where life’s dramas are both concealed and revealed, leaving the audience spellbound and reflective long after the curtains fall.


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Friday, March 8, 2024 @ 08:00 PM

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