Winter Circle Productions
Winter Circle Productions began in 2009 as an independent promotion and production house to attract music its founders felt was missing from a post-Katrina New Orleans. Creator of BUKU Music + Art Project and five-time recipient of the Offbeat Best Promoter Award, WCP has been one of the most trusted tastemakers on the Gulf Coast for over a decade, having produced thousands of shows across many musical genres in dozens of venues.
In 2015, after six years at the indie grind, WCP joined AEG Presents to run its Gulf Coast regional office, and now offers artists the best of both worlds – the hustle and specialization of a local indie promoter, but with the backing of a global entertainment powerhouse. In addition to concert production, the members of WCP founded the Upbeat Academy Foundation, a non-profit organization providing New Orleans youth with opportunities to study hip-hop and dance music production.