New Orleans Ballet Theatre
The mission of New Orleans Ballet Theatre (NOBT) is to be the premier resident ballet company of the Gulf South, internationally renowned for world-class performances, innovative choreography, and outstanding professional training, enriching our community and expanding access to dance.

Gregory Schramel and Marjorie Hardwick Schramel founded New Orleans Ballet Theatre in 2002, intending to provide local dancers a platform to pursue a full-time career in ballet. That goal has been achieved and expanded. Over the last 20 years, NOBT has evolved into Louisiana’s premier ballet company, becoming the prestigious example and epicenter of classical and contemporary ballet for the Gulf Coast Region.

With a professional company now in place, NOBT’s foremost goal is to meet the needs of the community by offering excellent concert dance and dance education to New Orleans residents of all ages and backgrounds.

NOBT is an artistic reflection of a city that vibrantly stands out in its lustrous and diverse culture.  The company is shifting its focus outward and becoming an ambassador on a national level; it seeks to share and represent the unique interplay of multi-ethnic and creative influences that make up New Orleans in the 21st century.

New Orleans Ballet Theatre is a 501c3 compliant, not-for-profit foundation.

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